Media Mergers has experience of handling and advising on very complex negotiations on behalf of a diverse number of media owners. The disposal process can be a steep and expensive learning curve; with our help and advice in directing, coordinating and negotiating a transaction we can help to ensure that our client’s proposed sale is one that succeeds.

Private media companies
When private media companies come to consider selling their business they are starting the single most important transaction of their lives. It is imperative that they avail themselves of brokers who are specialists in the field of media acquisitions and disposals to help them achieve the very best possible deal. The leading practitioner in this field is Media Mergers.

Larger media groups
Media groups sometimes seek to make strategic disposals of a division or a single product. As a specialist in media acquisitions and disposals, Media Mergers has developed a deep understanding of acquisitive companies specific wants and can assist our client in achieving the best deal whilst ensuring strict confidentiality.

Often Media Mergers is approached by a seller who wants to sell their business because they have decided that the timing is right for them. The timing of a sale is a paramount consideration. It should also take account of the economic outlook and what is happening in its market(s) to maximise the value of the deal.

The most important consideration of all is the performance of the business. Maximising on the sale is best achieved whilst the business is still on an upward performance curve and should not show signs of imminent peaking.

The sale is handled by Media Mergers in two stages.

Information Memorandum
The first stage in a sale is the writing of the Confidential Information Memorandum and targeting of prospects. The Memorandum is the sales document and forms an essential part of the sale process. This document must be ‘packaged’ – that is, be written in a style and with a content that gives the best view of the business – one that will appeal to the buyer’s perspective, a perspective which is very different from the seller’s. It should never compromise integrity. It should recognise who the targets will be.

The majority of the information and data included in the Memorandum will be provided by the vendor in response to written guidelines and template from us in conjunction with face-to-face discussions. The actual Memorandum will be written by Media Mergers.

The finalised Memorandum is agreed with the client before proceeding to the second stage, the sale process itself.

Sale process
The second stage in the sale process is the actual marketing of the opportunity. We are very well placed through our broad network of contacts to achieve the widest, but at all times, very targeted and confidential exposure for your opportunity.

Confidentiality in this part of the process is of paramount importance to our clients and us. Prospective purchasers do not receive a copy of the Memorandum without first completing a Confidentiality Undertaking and receiving formal clearance from our client. This binds the target company to keep all information it receives, and the fact the opportunity exists as being confidential. During the sale process keep the client company up to date on a day-to-day basis and provide formal progress reports periodically. These reports track the progress with each potential purchaser from the initial approach through to completion.

The co-ordination of a sale is one of our most important functions. We guide our client right through the process to completion, working closely and in conjunction with our clients legal and financial advisers to make the due diligence phase go as smoothly as possible.