Academies Week to launch this autumn

feweekCalled Academies Week, the new title will be similar in format and distribution to FE Week – a newspaper for the further education and skill sector launched in September 2011 – with £500k set aside for its first year running costs.

The editor of Academies Week will be Nick Linford, who successfully launched and edited FE Week up until the end of 2013.

LSCET Ltd intends to meet a demand in the school sector for an investigative newspaper focused on both policy and finance related stories. Launch day will be September 19 with the first edition at least 24 pages

Aimed at middle and senior managers in primary and secondary schools, along with staff in organisations with an interest in schools’ related policy and finance, it’s hoped to establish Academies Week as a high quality, trade publication within 12 months.

Subscription to the printed newspaper will cost £50 per year, with a target circulation of 5,000 by the end of the first year. The website will be free to view, with a hoped-for one million page views by the end of that first year.

Paper copies (typically 20 pages and tabloid sized) will be posted on Thursdays. A digital PDF version will also be emailed to subscribers on Thursday morning, and articles will also be published (no paywall) on

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