Across Age Groups, Print Lags Far Behind Digital and TV as a News Source

By now, it’s not much of a surprise that print is no longer a popular choice for news. However, what is surprising is exactly where it ranks across demographics compared to other mediums.

A recent study by Reuters Institute shows that very small margins of global news consumers look to print to stay informed. The study surveyed 52,225 consumers across 26 countries and found that the internet and TV combine to dominate every age demo. And while print fared better than radio, the numbers are weak across the board.

The largest consumer demographic that looks to print for news are those who fall in the 55+ range. Yet, only 12% of that segment is getting their news from print, whereas 53% of them look to TV and 25% go online.

Millennials, who supposedly love print, like to get their news mostly online. Only 6% of respondents in both the 18-24 and 25-34 demo indicated that print is a source they look to. So perhaps everyone should pump the brakes just a bit when they talk about how much this demographic loves print.

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