Founder of blocker for ad-blockers tells media: ‘It’s war

Ben Barokas, the founder and chief executive of Sourcepoint and a former Google executive, is at Dmexco, where he described the battle between ad blockers and the media industry as “war”.

Just 24 hours after the launch of Apple’s iOS 9 operating system, which allows developers to build apps that block ads in its internet browser Safari, ad-blocking apps have shot up the charts.In Germany, where the Dmexco conference was held, three out of the top five downloads in the app store are ad-blockers. The highest rated one is called Peace.

He said ad-blocking was “an extinction level event” for publishers and the advertising industry, because it “kills content.” It was too late, he said, to try and go back to what happened in the past. “The genie is never going back in the bottle.”

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