German publisher launches Landlust magazine

With its editorial focus on the spirit of the countryside, rural life and culture, do-it-yourself arts and crafts and living with the seasons, the lifestyle magazine has become a bestseller in Germany since its launch in 2005, and with a circulation of over one million it has overtaken top publications such as news weekly Der Spiegel, say the publishers. Celebrating the magazine’s 10th anniversary in its native country, publishing house Landwirtschaftsverlag now announces the launch of its flagship title in the UK with an initial print run of 40,000 and at a cover price of £4.

Münster-based Landwirtschaftsverlag, originally an agricultural trade publisher, has taken a decidedly down to earth approach with Landlust, a specific German term that works along the lines of Wanderlust and roughly translates as “desire for country life”. The magazine, that will in the UK run with the subheading “Spirit of the Countryside”, is designed as an antidote to the fast pace and stresses of modern, digital life.

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