i2i reveals their approach to geocloning their portfolio

i2iIn an interview with Exhibition World Mark Shashoua revealed i2i’s approach to internationalising their brands by geocloning and interestingly commented on their newly acquired coil-winding event:

“The biggest show is in Berlin and already we’ve cloned it to Chicago and India this year, we’ve launched Coil Winding China in May of next year, and two more markets next year for the same show,” he said. Importantly, the company bought CWIEME, it didn’t forge a joint venture. because while Shashoua claims to be a firm believer in working closely with local authorities, he favours establishing and growing his own operations rather than setting up shared entities with local companies. “I think joint-ventures work to a degree, but they only work if both parties are completely aligned,” he claims. “We always worked extremely closely with local authorities and governments.”

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