New Ad Campaign Touts Pro-Publisher RTB Pricing Platform

Sonobi“Good luck with the stock photography. (That’ll be all a $0.20 CPM will get you.)”

That’s just some of the provocative copy in a new ad campaign that’s being launched by Sonobi which bills itself as the only digital ad platform “created by digital publishers for publishers.”

Sonobi Media is a highly scalable advertising technology platform with a focus on delivering publisher-driven products. A unique optimization platform comparing 100’s of demand sources in real time in order to achieve the highest possible CPM for Publishers.

Sonobi brings publishers and advertisers together via a single buying and selling solution tuned to enable publishers to maximize ad revenue and advertisers to buy quality impressions. Utilizing a diverse skill set,from a select group of highly motivated professionals, Sonobi is leading the way in developing new advertising technology.

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