2014 Predictions for digital video: The year of programmatic video advertising

Mediaposts’ Online Video blog on their take on what’s in store for 2014:

1. 60% of all digital video ads will be bought programmatically. This may seem a bold prediction, but I’ll put my stake in the ground on this one. In 2014, we’ll see brand advertisers turn to sophisticated programmatic platforms to plan, execute and optimize at least half of their video ad campaigns.

Advertisers have already wholeheartedly adopted programmatic for their display buys, with over half of all display ads being bought this way.

Programmatic buys, done both on open and private exchanges, will similarly transform the video ad industry – making it more automated, measurable, and transparent. Traditional TV advertisers will also adopt programmatic buying to extend campaigns across digital screens, which will bring us closer to closing the gap between the digital and TV worlds. Because of this massive shift toward programmatic buying, media-based ad networks will continue to struggle, while technology-driven programmatic platforms and private exchanges will proliferate.

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