The Dark Side Of The Apple

appleAdweek recently reported that Apple is building a real-time bidding (RTB) platform to sell ads via iAds, but the specifics of such an exchange were not revealed.

Adweek wrote, “It’s not clear whether the new Apple exchange will be limited to mobile, because it could sell real-time iAds across devices — or even through Apple TV,” citing an insider familiar with iAds.

Reading between the lines, I see a company that supplies multiple media devices and services — Apple TV, iTunes Radio, phones, computers, etc. — all with a single login. A company like that can ditch cookie-tracking methods because the consumer is trackable on all — or most, at least — of their devices simply by being logged in.

Could this create the “walled gardens” Dave Helmreich, Neustar’s vice president of media and advertising, warned against just a couple of weeks ago?

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