City AM letting brands post articles directly into their website CMS

cityamThe bosses of free London newspaper City AM have boasted that they are tearing down the boundaries between editorial and commercial by letting brands post articles directly into their website content management system. I can see why they want to play this up. But actually, I don’t think it is nearly as revolutionary (or as ethically dubious) and some of the things big existing publishers already get up to. Former Independent media editor Ian Burrell has the story for The Drum.

The pitch goes that brands will be given their own keys to the house, as it were, enabling them to publish content directly into the City AM website CMS.

But City AM will know that this content will have to be clearly labelled as sponsored, otherwise they will quickly fall foul of the Advertising Standards Association (as Buzzfeed UK did when they failed to clearly flag their sponsored editorial posts as paid-for).

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