Cogora is the new name of Campden Health

cogoraLONDON, October 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Campden Health today announced that it is changing its name to ‘Cogora’, reflecting the company’s transition to an integrated media and marketing services company.

For over 25 years, Campden Health has produced inspirational and incisive multi-channel content for healthcare professionals via a range of brands including Nursing in Practice, Management in Practice, The Commissioning Review and Hospital Pharmacy Europe.

As Cogora it will continue to publish its magazines and websites and deliver events for commissioners, primary and community care nurses, practice managers and hospital pharmacists across the UK and Western Europe.

But it will also do much more than a ‘traditional’ media business.

The company’s community of 220,000 highly-engaged healthcare professionals provide data and insight that give a deep understanding of what this audience wants. This allows Cogora to create innovative, flexible solutions for its clients.

Commenting on the new name, Cogora Chief Executive John Pettifor, said: “We know healthcare. And we’ve long been using this understanding to create cutting edge content for healthcare professionals that, in turn, has helped our advertisers and sponsors to interact with this hard-to-reach constituency.

“But the data-gathering and research capabilities we’ve been developing this year have taken that acumen to a whole new level. We’re now able to create quantifiable solutions for marketers that B2B publishers or events companies simply can’t.

“We wanted a new name to echo this change in capacity; one that we can build up to be the recognised leader in our sector.”

To visit Cogora’s new website:

About Cogora

Cogora Limited is an integrated media and marketing services company that sits at the heart of a community of 220,000 highly engaged healthcare professionals. For 25 years we have enjoyed a first-rate reputation for delivering top quality, timely content that supports healthcare professionals with their clinical decision-making and career development.

Our portfolio of journals and websites includes Nursing in Practice, Management in Practice, The Commissioning Review, Hospital Pharmacy Europe and Hospital Healthcare Europe.

We deliver 12 national conference exhibitions – including Commissioning Live – each year, as well as more than 100 smaller educational ‘road show’ events across the UK. And we produce numerous ’roundtable’ discussion meetings, focusing on a single therapeutic area, across Europe.