Egmont acquires Sonic Hedgehog rights

egremont_sonic_oct13_02Egmont UK has acquired publishing rights for Sonic the Hedgehog in the UK & Eire, Australia and New Zealand. Egmont will launch with an All About Sonic the Hedgehog magazine next month and a range of books in May 2014, aimed at children 6-10 years old.

Titles will include a Sonic the Hedgehog Joke Book, £4.99 with jokes for Sonic fans to share with their friends and a Super Sonic Poster Book, £6.99 that is packed with posters of Sonic and his friends and includes activity pages. Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog, £5.99 is a fact file handbook, packed with information and stats on Sonic and his friends, character profiles, background information and tactics and tips for playing the games whilst the bumper sticker title Sonic the Hedgehog Sticker Mania, £6.99, is crammed with stickers of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the rest of the gang, says the publisher.

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