Havas has up to six acquisitions in the pipeline, says Yannick Bolloré

havas1Yannick Bolloré, the chairman and chief executive of Havas Worldwide, has said Havas was planning a number of acquisitions, in his first public appearance since taking over from David Jones in January.

In a packed Advertising Week Europe session, Bolloré said while there were up to six acquisitions in the pipeline, Havas was already “not too far from the ideal scale” because it was “big enough and at the same time, not too big to adapt”.

Bolloré said: “When we think about buying a company, our strategy is not to be the bigger group in terms of scale – it’s to be the best company for connecting people with brands [and] the best company at providing insights and communication strategies to our clients.

“So the question when we look on an acquisition is: what will it bring to our clients? Will it bring new technology? Will it bring a new footprint? Will it bring new people, with new knowledge?

“For now, we have four to six acquisitions in the pipeline and all of these acquisitions participate in the same way, which is to bring additional knowledge or footprint to Havas.”

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