IHS Completes Acquisition of Remaining 49.9 Percent of Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay

ihsIHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS), a leading global source of critical information and insight, today announced it has acquired the remaining 49.9 percent of Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay (LRF) that it currently does not own from Lloyd’s Register giving IHS 100 percent ownership of LRF.

“Having enjoyed a very successful relationship with Lloyd’s Register, we are very pleased to be able to fully integrate the critical maritime information and insight of Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay into IHS and continue to meet our customers’ demands for information about the world’s merchant fleet,” said IHS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jerre Stead. “Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay shipping information is critical to the world economy and every major IHS customer segment, and the company is an excellent complement to our existing insight businesses, including IHS CERA, IHS Global Insight, IHS Herold and IHS Jane’s.”

Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay is the preeminent provider of comprehensive details of tankers, cargo, carrier and passenger ships around the world, as well as a complete range of products and services to assist the world’s maritime community. Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay products and services are unique to the industry in meeting international demand for information requirements on ships, companies, ports, real-time vessel movements and related news. LRF also provides research and consultancy services critical to the shipping industry.

LRF has extensive databases on newbuildings (ships under construction or on order), ship characteristics, owners, vessel movement, casualty, companies, ports and maritime news, as well as research forecasting and maritime consultancy services. In addition to this, LRF publishes a number of leading magazine titles covering international shipping, safety, security and port-related activities, and organizes maritime conferences, exhibitions and seminars.

Richard Sadler, CEO of the Lloyd’s Register Group, said: “Strategically, we believe that the future of Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay is better served through 100 percent ownership by a major business information group. Lloyd’s Register will continue to own the copyright in the Register of Ships and its unique ship numbering system, and they will be produced for Lloyd’s Register by the same team under a commercial services agreement with Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay. We look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with IHS.”

IHS became a 50-50 joint venture partner in Lloyd’s Register-Fairplay in March 2008 with the acquisition of Prime Publications Limited.