Journalism in 2017

According to the NiemanLab, each year they ask some of the “smartest people” in journalism and digital media what they think (through December 19) is coming in the next 12 months (2017). Starting off with Ray Soto, design director of emerging technologies at USA Today Network, speaking to VR moving from experiments to immersion, he says “If your production teams haven’t already heard of these terms, get to know them: ambisonics, stereoscopic rendering, and photogrammetry will be standard by the end of the year.”

Continuing, Soto says “2017 is going to provide an interesting opportunity for news organizations, thanks to voice-activated personal home assistants. These unassuming small internet-connected devices are powered by evolving machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, built to deliver relevant and credible news catered to an individual’s preferences.

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