New York Times’s continued slide

nytlogo379x64The digital figures, featuring the most famous metered paywall in global publishing, sound great: 799,000 online-only subscribers and 950,000 print subscribers who’ve opened digital access, with digital advertising itself recovering a scrap. Overall, NYT revenue from digital has moved from 5% to around 20% over the last 13 years. Hey: here’s a buoyant company on the move.

Look leerily closer, though. That paywall brought in $149,135,000 in 2013 – just 9.5% of a total revenue figure of $1,577,230,000 – while digital ads scored $162,878,000, a 10.3% slice. But old-fashioned print circulation revenue was $675,142,000 (42.8% share) and print advertising $503,809,000 (31.9%). In short, digital hasn’t yet come close to staunching the long-term decline in print-oriented cash, with print weekday sales averaging a 7% slide over the last five years and print ad revenue down 47% since 2005. Oh! and ads will drop in the next quarter as well.

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