Small publishers are benefiting from changes in the industry

The world of publishing was once the preserve of very large organisations, huge publishing houses with massive production infrastructures and costs, that kept smaller niche publishers on the fringes, struggling for a tiny share of the market.

Now, with the advent of digital publishing technology, the growing popularity of e-books, and the flexibility of print on demand that eliminates many of the cost challenges of volume print runs, the publishing business has played nicely into the hands of the small, home-based publisher.

Depending on the type of publishing you are planning to do, previous knowledge of the industry and the marketplace can be a real benefit.

Phillip Dauncey has worked in children’s publishing since 1999, having worked for companies such as Gullane Children’s Books, Ladybird, and Priddy Books, and gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of the business, from production to sales.

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