Tarsus Group has acquired the remaining 50% of its JV in Mexico with E.J. Krause for $18m

UK-based Tarsus Group has bought the remaining 50% share of its joint venture in Mexico with E.J. Krause for $18m. The global organiser has also announced deals in Southeast Asia and the United Arab Emirates.

“Mexico is a large and fast-growing market, and this agreement to acquire the remaining 50% interest in EJK Tarsus Mexico, thereby assuming full control of the Mexican business, represents an excellent opportunity for the Group to accelerate its growth,” said Doug Emslie, Tarsus Group Managing Director.

Emslie said 2018 was “a busy and exciting year with important acquisitions for Tarsus Group”.

“We have now 60 new colleagues in Mexico City and Guadalajara, I really look forward to working with them”, he added.

The deal represents an expansion for E.J. Krause Tarsus de Mexico, a market leader with 27 years’ experience in the Mexican market and a professional portfolio of 14 international events in industries spanning plastics, manufacturing, water, energy and the environment.

“I look forward to working with the Tarsus Group team to grow the business going forward,” said Paul St. Amour, Vice-President Latin America, E.J.Krause Tarsus de México.

“We are going to continue to work with Tarsus,” underlined Ned Krause, CEO of E.J. Krause. “It’s our intention to stay in the Mexican market, but not in a competitive way. Perhaps buying other properties with Tarsus.”

Tarsus Group and E.J. Krause still own a 60% share of Expo Restaurantes.

E.J. Krause Tarsus de Mexico organises Intertraffic Mexico, ENERGY MEXICO OIL GAS POWER EXPO & CONGRESS, EXPO MANUFACTURATM, Mexico WindPower, GESS Mexico, Expo Producción, PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO®, UTECH Las Américas, Airport Solutions, EBIO, Expo Restaurantes, THE GREEN EXPO®, AQUATECH Mexico and Expo Forestal.

Besides the deal in Mexico, Tarsus also said it intended to expand its stake in AMB Tarsus Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd. in South East Asia by 25%, taking its overall interest to 75%.

Tarsus Group currently has 150 events in 17 countries. Their events represent 20 industries and attract 30,000 exhibitors and more than one million visitors every year.