Economist rethinks ‘lean forward, lean back’ model

EconomistThe rise in popularity of touch-screen devices means publishers should be ‘touch first and mobile second’, Neelay Patel from The Economist Group tells Mobile Media Strategies conference.

Until recently The Economist’s model was lean forward, lean back publishing. Readers of the print publication and tablet apps, who often spend more time on articles, were considered lean back; the web audience was seen as lean forward, with social media helping spread content between online readers.

The Economist is now moving away from that lean forward, lean back model, Neelay Patel, vice-president of commercial strategy and global head of product at The Economist Group told Mobile Media Strategies, a conference underway in London today.

He said the shift in thinking is due to the rise in mobile devices of different types and sizes, and the increase in touch screens.

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