Three principles for effective development from The Washington Post

washington PA Talent Network for freelancers, an Apple Watch news app, and Arc, a software platform for news publishers are just three of the new products The Washington Post has launched in the last year.

Since Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos bought the Post in August 2013, the outlet has “pivoted significantly” to become more national and internationally focused, explained chief information officer Shailesh Prakash.

Speaking at Digital Media Strategies USA today, Prakesh said this shift had created new demands of the technology and systems utilised by the Post’s development teams.

“Content is king, no doubt about it, but equally as important is the quality of the product, the speed of the site, and the crash rate of your apps.”

Also important, said Prakesh, is the speed at which news outlets innovate and push features to market — and the speed at which these features are removed if they do not work.

“Technology is a dirty business. It’s hard to get it right the first time.”

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