Twitter more than triples its UK revenues to £46m

twitterTwitter more than tripled its UK revenues this year to £46m, and is expected to jump to more than £180m by the end of 2015, according to a new report.

The social network’s UK business will make £46.3m this year, with £43.6m from advertising and the remainder other revenues such as licensing, according to a new report by eMarketer. eMarketer estimates that Google’s UK digital ad revenues will be £2.6bn this year, rising to £3.4bn by the end of 2015.

Facebook UK generated £333m in revenue this year, and is forecast to make £516m by the end of 2015. Twitter UK is growing at a staggering rate, albeit from a low base, with revenues of just £1.3m as recently as 2011.

The research company estimates that by the end of 2015 Twitter UK will make £180m, with £171m of that from advertising.

The UK is becoming an increasingly important revenue generator for Twitter, accounting for 15.2% of global income by 2015. This year Twitter UK accounted for 11.5% of the company’s global income, according to the report.