UBM morphs Publishing & Media Expo into Technology for Marketing and co-locates with eCommerce Expo

UBMIn a statement on the TFM website, UBM said: Over the past four years, there have been significant developments in the publishing industry and Publishing & Media Expo has continued to evolve in line with these developments – i.e. an increasing focus on multi-platform publishing (print, digital, mobile) being reflected in the make-up of our content and exhibitor base. At the same time, we have seen a marked change in the audience visiting the show with fewer traditional publishers in attendance replaced by an exponential increase in the number of marketers and content specialists looking for new publishing solutions, marketing technologies and content distribution platforms.

As a result of this, our 2016 marketing efforts will focus on driving attendance to one show – Technology for Marketing which will now take place on the 28 & 29 September. The Publishing & Media Expo brand will no longer be used.

Alongside marketing technology providers and multi-platform publishing solutions, traditional publishing exhibitors will form an integral part of TFM and the event will also continue to target the traditional publishing audience to attend.

Customers expect to move seamlessly between marketing, ecommerce and customer service channels. For businesses to create a single, unified customer experience, no individual function can act in isolation. The CMO, CTO, Ecommerce Director & Customer Service Directors have to collaborate, making the buying and implementation of technologies more complicated than ever before.

That is why from 2016, TFM will run alongside eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo. The co-location of these three events offers our exhibitors unique, additional benefits with access to senior decision makers from marketing, ecommerce and customer service under one roof, on one date line, for one purpose: connecting technologies and data to create a better customer experience.