Axel Springer reports upbeat 2012 results

axel_springer_logoAxel Springer reported 2012 results. EBITDA rises to EUR 628.0 million / EBITDA margin 19.0 percent / Revenues up 3.9 percent / Digital Media contributes the biggest share of revenues, for the first time ever / Adjusted earnings per share EUR 3.00 / Proposed dividend EUR 1.70

Benefitting from the successful progress of digitization, Axel Springer increased its EBITDA by 5.8 percent to EUR 628.0 million in 2012. Consolidated revenues rose by 3.9 percent to EUR 3,310.3 million. Having boosted its revenues by 22.0 percent to EUR 1,174.2 million, the Digital Media segment overtook the Group’s national newspapers as Axel Springer’s biggest revenue contributor, for the first time ever. And the Digital Media segment EBITDA of EUR 242.9 million, reflecting a 53.6 percent increase from the prior-year figure, closely approached the level of the Newspapers National segment. Despite declining circulation and advertising revenues, Axel Springer’s national print media remained highly profitable, with EBITDA margins of more than 20 percent. The international revenues rose by 11.0 percent. Their share in the Group’s revenues increased from 32.9 percent to 35.1 percent.

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