Axel Springer to cooperate with Google to implement programmatic buying

axel_springer_logoThe ad sales house Axel Springer Media Impact (ASMI) and Google have agreed on a technological co-operation in the automated sales of digital advertising space. Starting in 2014, ASMI will also offer the web and mobile portals it markets as standard formats via Google’s AdExchange platform. The delivery of the advertising formats will continue to be carried out exclusively through Axel Springer’s own Smart-AdServer.

Using the Real Time Bidding process (RTB), advertisers can bid for advertising spaces or individual Ads


Impressions in “real time” auctions. The auctioned Ad Impression of an advertising space is thus filled with advertising media from the highest bidder. Auctions are carried out within a few milliseconds. Its DoubleClick AdExchange platform makes Google one of the leading providers of this kind of auction technology.

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