Can Future’s new CEO end 15 years of boom and bust?

futureThe UK-based magazine-media group Future Plc is never far from the news. It was started 29 years ago in the sleepily stylish south-west city of Bath by Chris Anderson – now leader of the TED conference – and built a reputation for premium-priced computer games magazines, cover-mounted discs, and media domination of the console boom through “official” publications on behalf of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Anderson was quick to capitalise on the worldwide market for specialist magazine content. As a result, Future now exports or syndicates more than 220 publications to 90 countries. It is the UK’s largest exporter of magazine content and probably the world’s largest publisher of tablet editions. And global web sites like TechRadar, BikeRadar, MusicRadar, and GamesRadar attract almost 60 million monthly unique users.

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