How are innovation labs growing (consumer) magazine media businesses?

FIPPProgressive (consumer) media owners are experimenting with project startups, created in corporate innovation ‘labs’. Rather than waiting for disruptors to rattle their cages, they are producing their own pop-up projects and using established channels and audiences to deliver them, reports Karen Taylor in FIPP’s Magazine World.

The magazine media industry has come a long way since it initially cold-shouldered the internet and its disruptors. Media owners found, often to their cost, that the impervious stance just didn’t work. The floodgates opened and left many battling against tsunami tides. That was a long time ago now and the industry has moved on through the subsequent cycles of despair and acceptance. Today, the spark’s back, and it’s all about innovation – not just jumping on the latest web wagons, but knocking them out fast in innovation laboratories.

Editors note: this article didn’t contain the word “consumer” in Magazine World, but the article is about consumer media which is why this editor amended the title. B2B in the UK and elsewhere are behind the innovation curve in this respect.

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