Sticky: Only 14% Of Online Ads Are Seen

Sticky, a company with software that uses webcams to track users’ eye movements to verify whether or not online ads are actually seen, on Thursday released data which supports the argument that viewability does not equal being seen.

“Viewability” describes whether or not an ad could be seen on a page without needing to scroll down, “X” out of something, change tabs, etc. While viewability metrics would suggest that close to 50% of ads are seen, Sticky’s data says it’s actually just 14%.

Sticky looked at the performances of ten different brands across five different sites with two ads per site. The sites used were,,, and The study dealt only with impressions that were already viewable. had the strongest performance, with 51% of the ads in “Placement A” being seen. 40% of the ads in’s “Placement B” were seen. had the worst performance. Just 10% of its Placement A and 19% of its Placement B ads were seen.

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