Le Monde calls Publicis, Omnicom Merger a French takeoverIn 'everything but name' By Noreen O'Leary

publicisFrench newspaper Le Monde has now weighed in on the current differences between Paris-based Publicis Groupe and its potential U.S. merger partner Omnicom in an incendiary piece titled “When (Publicis chief) Maurice Lévy fights for control of Publicis Omnicom Group.”

In an April 29th story, author Valérie Segond described the deal’s original Omnicombilling as a merger between “equals” as a way to “to make sure the shareholders and American directors of Omnicom accept being bought out by a (smaller) French company.” The article further states that Lévy will be non-executive chair for life—after assuming that role at age 75—following the initial 30-month transition period where he and Omnicom chief John Wren will jointly run the combined company before Wren becomes sole CEO.

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