Time Inc. buys consumer data provider Bizrate Insights

time incIn line with its consistent endeavors toward transforming into a data-driven company, Time Inc. recently bought a customer survey provider, Bizrate Insights, which was previously owned by Connexity Inc. It also stated that Bizrate Insights’ survey platform will be combined with its affinity marketing subsidiary, Synapse Group, Inc.

Time’s Synapse Group, a multichannel marketing organization, operates through various non-traditional marketing channels, which comprise catalog units, credit card issuers, airlines, brick-and-mortar retailers, hotels and its other associates. Time acquired Synapse Group in 2006 to further explore new and creative marketing solutions. Presently, Synapse Group is the major distributor of magazine subscriptions in the U.S., with access to more than 700 magazine titles from leading publishers.

This acquisition will help Time, the branded media company, to boost its customer subscription revenues through its own brands and third-party articles. Moreover, this buyout will aid the publisher of Time Magazine, People Magazine, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated, to refine and widen its marketing services.

Bizrate Insights is referred to as the voice of the consumer data platform, as it conducts research and experiments on consumer perceptions and views, via online surveys on its partner sites. On the other hand, it allows retailers to study the consumer insights obtained, through paid subscriptions. Further, Synapse Group had been in a partnership with Connexity since many years.

We believe this acquisition will be a win-win for both the companies. Buoyed by the acquisition, Time will be able to enhance its direct-to-consumer marketing strategies and strengthen its customer-related amenities. Concurrently, Bizrate Insights will be able to expand its digital marketing facilities with valuable customer feedback for its marketing associates.

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