Why B2B loyalty is easier to build digitally

forresterAccording to research conducted by Forrester Consulting (USA), B2B companies are finding it much easier to build customer loyalty with online-only customers than with offline-only customers. The research was commissioned by commerce platform provider Hybris a SAP company.

The study, entitled ‘Online and Mobile are Transforming B2B Commerce’, explored what impact e-commerce is having on how B2B companies sell their products and services, and found that a fundamental transformation is happening in how businesses are acquiring and retaining customers in this market

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The B2B E-Commerce Thought Leadership Paper contains the findings of a study conducted by Forrester Consulting commissioned by hybris software on B2B Commerce. 717 B2B companies were surveyed, of which 353 companies currently sell direct to businesses online. Key findings were that online and mobile are transforming B2B commerce and that businesses have to act fast to not fall behind.

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