Shift to Digital Expected to Accelerate in B2B Media

Print isn’t dying in B2B media; it’s just taking a back seat. While digital, data, and events will take a dominant role in the revenue mix for B2B media companies over the next five years, print will endure as a significant component in a multi-channel distribution plan, according to a new survey conducted by Connectiv.

“Our study gives a clear indication that the shift from print to digital will move into hyper-speed over he next few years,” said Mike Marchesano, managing director of Connectiv, in a statement. “While print’s share of overall revenue will shrink considerably, it is expected to remain a key part of companies’ diverse product offerings.”

In conjunction with Readex Research, Connectiv surveyed 30 CEOs of member B2B media organizations in October 2015, representing about 35 percent of Connectiv’s overall membership, with an average of $43.8 million in annual revenues. The survey was designed to identify the current revenue mix at the respondents’ companies and to learn where they are investing for the future.

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