TES Global Invests in Diagnostic Questions

TES Global – the largest network of teachers in the world with over six million registered teachers – has announced a significant investment in Barton Woodhead Education Ltd. – developers of Diagnostic Questions (http://www.DiagnosticQuestions.com), a website that allows teachers to create and share ‘hinge’ questions that instantly identify student misconceptions in maths.

Company Quotes and Insights

“Diagnostic Questions is the first of many teacher/entrepreneur-founded businesses TES Global is planning to support,” said Louise Rogers, CEO of TES Global. “Craig and Simon are the perfect start-up combination of teacher and developer and share our belief that teachers are the most important element of education. We’re delighted to be able to support the Diagnostic Questions team through this investment and through our network of over six million teachers. They have already been working with us for some time, and whilst they are currently not the biggest, they are certainly one of the most exciting ideas we’ve come across.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with TES Global to take our ideas to the next level,” said Craig Barton, co-founder of Diagnostic Questions. “As a teacher, I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to grow my business whilst still doing the job I love – developing new ideas as I teach my wonderful students, who will never be afraid to tell me if my idea is rubbish or suggest an improvement. I firmly believe that teachers are the people who should be leading the charge when it comes to creating original and exciting education content and products.”

“TES Global supports the largest collection of resources in the world,” said Simon Woodhead, co-founder of Diagnostic Questions. “In collaboration, Diagnostic Questions will aim to provide new tools for teachers to create content, set assignments for students and, most importantly, analyse the data on the students’ answers – bringing powerful data analysis to teacher-generated content.”

About TES Global

TES Global’s story is an extraordinary one: its digital community on TES Connect is one of the fastest growing of any profession globally, and it boasts a 100-year heritage at the centre of the teaching and education community with offices in London, Washington, San Francisco and Sydney. Today, TES Global’s online platforms host the largest network of teachers in the world with over six million teacher members in 197 countries across the globe. Nearly 5 million resources are downloaded from the site every week, at an average of 7 every second. Last year over 800,000 registered users from the UK downloaded at least one teaching resource. For more information, visit: http://www.tesconnect.com/

About Diagnostic Questions

Diagnostic Questions (http://www.diagnosticquestions.com) is a platform designed to allow teachers to get a quick, accurate feel for their class’ understanding of a given maths concept. Based on students’ answers, the teacher can then direct their teaching accordingly, making Diagnostic Questions a very powerful tool in Assessment for Learning (AfL). Additionally, sophisticated data capture allows students’ answers to be compared to the wider education community – helping to identify key areas of misconception against other teachers, schools or countries. Since launch earlier in 2014, over 5,000 teachers have registered to use the site, and these teachers have created more than 2,250 multiple choice diagnostic questions.

Media contact
Patrick Hayes
TES Global